About Bexcentric

Bexley is the eastern-most London borough on the south bank of the Thames, nestled between Greenwich and Dartford. This blog, written by someone living and working in the borough, covers goings-on in and around Bexley. If you’d like to contact me with any suggestions for links or other ideas for the site, please comment at the bottom of this page.

About the author

I’m Paul. I’ve lived in Crayford since 2004, and in and around this area for most of my life.

I work for, but don’t speak for, the London Borough of Bexley, based in Bexleyheath.

My job merely involves supporting and developing some of the council’s computer systems, so I don’t have any sort of corporate communications agenda to push through the blog, which is an entirely personal site, produced without the knowledge or authority of my employer.

It’s important to be up-front about where I work, though, because it’ll help you to understand why you won’t find the following content here:

  • Coverage (positive or negative) of the council. Even if I wanted to praise or criticise my employer, I could hardly be seen as doing so objectively, so there’d arguably be less value in it anyway.

  • Party politics/political commentary. The council has changed hands a couple of times in the past decade so it’s of paramount importance that staff can be seen to be politically neutral and impartial and so able to serve all elected representatives equally well. Of course, I appreciate that ‘politics’ touches just about every area of life and society, so it’s hard to define precisely what I will and won’t be covering in order to remain neutral. Topics and campaigns on which there’s broadly cross-party consensus or no clear party position from any side are more likely to get a look-in, though.

  • Er, anything else that could compromise my position here. I’m afraid I’m not here to rock the boat. If you prefer a choppier voyage, please visit other blogs – there are plenty around that specialise in vessel-wobbling!

All that said, I’m not setting out to produce an infrequently, nervously updated, anodyne blog which will be dull to read and avoid the slightest whiff of opinion. I want this to be a worthwhile new addition to the London blogosphere, and to become another port of call, alongside some of those listed in my links on the right, for anyone with an interest in what’s happening in and around this south-eastern part of the city.

All feedback is, as ever, very welcome!


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  1. Have you heard any more about plans to connect Northfleet station to Ebbsfleet International?

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