Ebbsfleet International: two feet undersupported

Londonist today published a piece about, er, me.

A month ago I wanted to give the new high-speed domestic rail service a try on its first day of operation (particularly since I needed to be in the St. Pancras area that evening anyway), so I caught the train from Crayford to Northfleet and walked from there to the Ebbsfleet station, which is just 400 metres away as the crow flies.

Ebbsfleet International station viewed from Northfleet station
How hard can it be to get from here to there?

Sadly, by the slightly misguided route I took, it was 1.6 rather unpleasant kilometres; even by the shortest possible walking route, it’s 1.2km, and there’s not even a pavement at the entrance.

You can read Londonist’s post about this, and follow my journey that day through my Flickr photoset. (Best read one photo at a time, in sequence. Warning: may contain rotting fox.)

So, overall, fellow Bexley-dwellers, you’re probably better off sticking to one of our three slow railway lines for getting into London, rather than venturing a few miles outside the borough in the hope of speeding past – although it is an enjoyable ride if you do.

The service launches fully in December (at which point rail links to the place become a bit better, if you don’t mind going a little past it and back when coming from London) but the Monday-Friday preview services are running during the day until then.


4 Responses

  1. I have never tried walking to Ebbsfleet or Northfleet before, as I generally would take the Fastrack bus which stops you to outside the station. It used to be free but the Bus company wanted to charge too much for the complimentary service, therefore Arriva buses lost out on a very lucrative deal, which helped pay for other projects such as the m-tickets. Silly OLD buses.


  2. I take it you’re not actually an official station spokesperson?

    Interesting about the reasons behind them dropping the free Fastrack travel for Eurostar passengers though – that was good while it lasted, but of course not useful for the new Southeastern services (unless they strike a similar deal, which sounds unlikely in the circumstances).

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. what about using the high speed railway services?


  4. If you started in Crayford, you should have travelled to Gravesend instead. The Javelin trains call at Gravesend station and go to London via Ebbsfleet International. However, my view is that if starting in Crayford, it is likely to be more convenient to travel in on the slower services, given the backtracking involved.

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