Public meeting about power cut this Wednesday

A bit of online word of mouth reaches me that this Wednesday, 29 July, there’ll be a public meeting in St. Martin’s church, Barnehurst, about the recent major power cut affecting much of the borough (you know, the one that this entire blog has so far been about).

The event’s Facebook page reads as follows:

To discuss the recent EDF Networks Power Cuts

Host: Saint Martin’s. The Church of England Parish of Barnehurst
Type: Meetings – Informational Meeting
Date: Wednesday, 29 July 2009
Time: 19:30 – 22:30
Location: Saint Martin’s, The Parish Church of Barnehurst, Erith Road, Barnehurst, DA7 6LE

Wednesday 29th of July at 7:30pm (doors open at 6:30pm)

As you will be well aware the recent power cuts in the DA postcode areas have caused much distress to many members of the public. Saint Martin’s Church is hosting a Public Forum to debate and discuss the power cuts and the way that EDF Networks have handled them.

Confirmed members of the panel will include David Evennett MP, Local Councillors, The Head of Bexley Council, Directors and Senior Management from EDF Networks plus other politicians and several members of the press.

Tea and coffee will be served afterwards.For more details please phone The Rev’d. Gareth Bowen [Phone number ‘redacted’ since he has no control over this page]

Not sure who they mean by the ‘Head’ of the council – presumably the Chief Executive, but possibly the Leader.

Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make this as I’m going to something else in central London that evening. I’d be interested to hear anyone’s reports back from it afterwards though.


3 Responses

  1. I’m going to go I will report back

  2. The meeting was just one long rant at EDF, people v v upset especially the residents of Slade Green who had an appalling time with no power at all not even the 3 hour rotas.

    It appears that £50 payment will be made to anyone who had no power for a continous 24 hr period. This made everyone who had been on the rota upset as they did nt have 24 period so no £50.

    Main point to come out of it was that the security of the cables does nt seem to be tight enough and there dont seem to be any plans to make it tighter.
    So it could happen again.

    ps. Head of Council was Teresa O’Neill, 3 edf people on panel, plus David Evenett MP, Cllr Simon Windle, Cllr Teresa O’Neill and James Cleverley GLA

  3. Thank you very much, Teresa, for this feedback: it’s really useful to hear about it as I couldn’t make it along myself last night.

    The £50 situation is quite different from how it sounded in the local press so that’s interesting – from what I’d read I’d assumed we’d be getting the ‘goodwill gesture’, but as we had a few hours’ power at arbitrary intervals I now gather there’s not enough goodwill to go around 🙂

    The security situation is interesting – I have to say that I really don’t think EDF’s frequent rhetoric about what an amazingly secure fortress that bridge is stood up to my scrutiny when I visited on Saturday – it looked like a pretty standard sheet of metal acting as a door, with a few chunky padlocks keeping it shut. (Only one of which was locked when I was there, although I’m sure that’s just because they were working on it really.)

    And now we all know what chaos attacking the bridge caused, I’d’ve thought there was more chance of someone doing so maliciously, too – although I wouldn’t want to overstate the risk – it’s a pretty dangerous bit of sabotage for anyone to attempt, after all.

    Thanks again, anyway!

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